1928 Ford Model A Coupe 45A w/Rumble Seat
RARE - Early 28 "AR" Model - Canadian Built
Fresh "Nut and Bolt" Body Off Restoration

You are viewing a privately owned 1928 Ford Model A Coupe!
Classic Cars Online is helping the owner with the presentation and listing of this outstanding vehicle.
You will be purchasing this vehicle directly from him who has owned and over seen the restoration of this beautiful vehicle for the last 9 years.

This is a rare and unique vehicle. This vehicle has at least 22 features that qualify it as an "Early 28" or "AR" Model A. Although Ford never actually cataloged a "Model AR,"
everyone knows what it is: A very early 1928 Model A. Some Examples: Left Hand Emergency Brake, Red Steering Wheel, Powerhouse Generator, early 1928 radius rods,
brake and emergency brake operate from same mechanism utilizing brake equalizer shaft and 22" long choke rod are just a few of the things.

Being an early "AR" car would make it rare by itself, but this vehicle was also built in Canada. It was originally built and assembled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
on June 1, 1928. There are many (At least 26) features characteristic to Canadian built cars. Some Example: P.L. Robertson square recess fasteners, Canadian Schrader
valve stem covers, Cast steel fuel bowl/filter, E.A. Horn, Hub caps have a small "Star" stamped below the Ford script are just a few of the things.

We will try to describe and go over most of the vehicle, please read and view all of the 95 pictures listed below.

1928 Ford Model A Standard Coupe 45A

Paint / Body:

The body was refinished with the correct and original 1928 paint colors. The main body color is called "Dark Niagra Blue" and the belt line is "Light Niagra Blue". The reveals are done in "Dutchess Blue" and the garnish moldings are "French Gray". The splash aprons, fenders, and wheels are Black. (Acrylic Enamel type of paint.) The steel body and wooden pieces are all in great shape. There was no rust problems with the body. A thin skim coat of body filler may have been used in a few small areas on the doors and hood to flatten/straighten some small dings/waves. The panel fit is generally good with easy closing of both doors and rumble seat lid. The hood alignment to the cowl area is not the best. We aren't sure what needs adjusting to fix the problems. The left front fender and both of the rear "Beavertail" fenders (unique to "Early 28" built cars) are original. The right front fender is new. There are a few minor nicks and scratches along with some wear marks where doors and hood close, but otherwise the paint is in excellent condition with a deep shine. I'm sure they can all be easily touched up. (Owner has some cans of extra paint.) When the body was stripped to bare metal, the stamped serial number could be seen on the driver's side cowl. (CA15668) The roof section and visor panel received new black vinyl covering that is in great condition with no rips or other problems.

Chrome / Trim:

The bright work, chrome and nickel items are all new inside and out, including the correct Canadian hub caps with the "Star" on them. The front and rear chrome bumpers look great and they also have the correct Canadian bumper clamps installed, front and rear. The nickel plated headlight housings are also new. It has the correct AR "Drum" style taillight(s). (The right side taillight was added for safety reasons.)

Rumble Seat Area:

The rumble seat area was all refinished with new LeBaron-Bonney cushions, panels, and floor mat. The rear mounted spare tire is new and matches the four other AR wheels/tires. A complete set of "Ford" tools are also included and comes in the very nice wooden tool case. (Some of the tools are unique to Canadian built cars.)


The entire interior was redone during the restoration and is correct for this model/year car. It is finished with a new LeBaron-Bonney. (Gray cloth) Including the seats, door panels and headliner. All of the factory gauges have been gone over and are working in the center dash panel. (The fuel gauge may need minor adjusting. When the gauge reads 1/4 full it is near empty.) All of the other electrical items are working also. (Headlights, brake lights, wiper, and horn.) Being this is an "AR" vehicle, it has the emergency brake handle on the left side. It has been adjusted and functions very well. Directional turn signals were added for safety. They are controlled by little switch mounted on the gear shift lever. (With audible tone.) The correct "AR" red steering wheel was restored and looks great. The interior has all the correct Robertson square recess head fasteners that were used on the Canadian built vehicles.


All of the glass pieces are new and meets today's safety standards including the tilt out windshield. (Air conditioning) There are no cracks, scratches, or chips on any of the pieces. Both side windows roll up and down, but the driver's side window is a little harder to crank. The rear window has a LED stop light bar installed for added safety. It also has a pull down shade and its works. The electric windshield wiper is correct and works like it should.

Engine Compartment:

The engine compartment is correctly detailed with a restored (rebuilt) 4-cylinder engine. The original engine was replaced with an early 1929 Model A 70 horsepower motor, CA-107176, This engine was completely rebuilt in Columbus, OH in 1997. (655 Miles since it was rebuilt) It is bolted to the correct 3-speed manual transmission that was also rebuilt and has a single disk type clutch. Engine rebuild precedes my ownership but I have all receipts for what I did or had done. The engine starts easily, idles well, and runs smoothly to cruising speed of 50+ mph without burning or leaking oil. Transmission shifts easily without any problems and clutch functions very well also. I don't know the gear ratio of rear end but it is standard. The engine compartment is complete with new or rebuilt: Zenith carburetor, radiator, two blade fan, fan shroud, Powerhouse generator, wiring, hoses, clamps, drive belt, coil, steering box, water pump, and distributor. All appropriate for a Canadian built "AR" car. An electric cut out switch was added below starter. The correct 6 volt Powerhouse generator is working and keeping the new 6 volt battery charged. There is nothing on this car that does NOT work. No mechanical issues. (The owner also has a set of correct spark plugs with "Made in Canada" printed on them that will go along with the vehicle.) The vehicle also has the correct cast steel fuel sediment bowl/filter that were on the Canadian built cars.

Wheels and Tires:

All of the 21" wheels are restored and powder coated black. They are straight and true. The wheels are nice without any paint chips. These wheels are unique and only came with the "AR" cars. The hub is different on the Early 28 cars. The wheels have the correct Schrader valve stems and covers along with the correct lug nuts. The "Ford" stainless steel hubcaps with a "Star" are great with no dings or dents. They are correct for a Canadian built vehicle. Mounted on these stock wheels are 5 Firestone black wall tires as original. Size: 4.40/4.50-21


During its "Body Off" restoration, the frame and undercarriage were sandblasted and inspected. The frame was rust free and solid. All of the wooden floor panel pieces were replaced during the restoration and are still in nice shape. The two side running boards are new. Brake rods are original and the factory shocks were rebuilt and painted semi-gloss black and are Canadian. The entire underside has the correct paint colors and sheen. The stock mechanical brakes were rebuilt and have new shoes. They have been adjusted and are working great. The entire suspension has been rebuilt, front and rear. The exhaust system is a new reproduction system with no problems or issues.
(Nine times out of ten, people selling a car would not talk about or take any photos of the underside. The undercarriage tells you a lot about the car, that is why I took a few pictures of the bottom.)

Paperwork / Manuals:

The owner has many pages of meticulous research notes on this car written by the previous owner (now deceased). He also compiled several notebooks full of Model A data on various parts of the car, shop manuals and owner's manual (not original). All paperwork will accompany car to the new owner as well as some touch-up paint in spray cans. Also a few misc. parts/fasteners that are unique and only for the Canadian built cars.


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Quick Summary:

The vehicle just had a Nut and Bolt, Body Off Restoration. It was restored correctly to a high standard and with an attention to the details. I think a lot of these Model A vehicles are being quote "Restored" by the older gentleman in their backyard. That being said, I would say this vehicle is better then most of those cars. Don't settle for a vehicle that was pieced together.
Why should you consider this coupe. Because it's rare. It is one of the early "AR" Model A vehicles. It has all the "AR" details and parts that came with the "AR" vehicles. It was also Canadian built with all the correct and different items that the Canadian vehicles came with. Being both an "AR" and Canadian built is what is rare and Unique about this coupe and sets it apart from all the other Model A's.
The classic car buyer price guide book has a note that states: Add 20 percent average for early "AR" features.
Don't miss your chance to own a rare vehicle. It would be hard to find another one.

The vehicle is located in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. (44094 Zip Code)
Willoughby Hills is located near the Cleveland, Ohio area.
You will be purchasing this vehicle directly from the current owner who has owned this classic for the last 9 years.
The odometer is working and showing 655 miles. These are the miles on the vehicle since it was restored. The actual original mileage is unknown.
The vehicle has a free and clear Ohio title that is ready to be signed over. Vehicle's Serial Number: CA15668
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