1941 Packard 110 "Special" Convertible!

1941 Packard One-Ten "Special" Convertible Coupe
50,247 Original Miles

You are viewing a privately owned 1941 Packard One-Ten Convertible Coupe with 50K original miles!
Classic Cars Online is just helping the owner with the presentation and listing of this vehicle.
You will be purchasing this vehicle directly from the private owner who has owned this vehicle for the last 15 years.
The story that has been passed down from owner to owner is that this vehicle has purchased new by a doctor who left for service in WWII.
He returned 5 years later and sold the vehicle to a Hollywood film agent.
The car worked its way across the country with a stop in Chicago and then on to Strongsville, Ohio. (Fifth Owner??)

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Body & Paint:

The vehicle is very solid and original looking. Most of the Ivory Cream paint could be still original to the vehicle. There are some paint cracks and chips in the older paint. The four fenders have been repainted at one point. (The fender paint match is just a little lighter in color then the body color.) The body is very solid and straight. This is a great example of a solid, untouched, original looking vehicle that shows its history with a natural patina. The owner believes that the vehicle still retains all of its original body panels and floor pans with no rust repairs. The body panel fit, and alignment is nice. Of course the cloth convertible soft top was replaced at one time. It is in nice shape with no rips, tears, or holes. It is dark chocolate color with red trim around the edges. The power top motor is disconnected, but the top is very easy to open and close manually with one person. The convertible boot is also in nice shape with no holes and snaps into place quickly when the top is down.

Chrome & Trim:

All of the chrome pieces are in nice original looking condition. (Not perfect, but great for its age.) No major pitting or dulling. The original stainless steel trim pieces are all in good shape and look good with no missing pieces. Packard decided to add some of the trim found on the Deluxe versions to the One-Ten Specials later in the production run. Some of those items are the stainless fender strips, windshield chrome trim, horn ring, and a Special script to the hood side panel. This vehicle was built on May 12, 1941 - See body tag photo. There are two amber colored "Packard" driving (fog) light fixtures installed. (Not electrically connected.) The two speed electric windshield wipes are working but is currently missing one of the wiper blades. The side running boards are solid but the rubber surface is cracking and missing in spots.


The dark burgundy leather upholstery was redone a few years ago and is in great condition. The leather seats show little to no wear. The dash and instrument panel is still original. All of the gauges are working correctly including the Packard Philco AM radio. The factory clock mounted into the glove box does not. (Not connected.) The carpet was replaced when the upholstery where redone. It is in very nice condition and is not faded or worn. The original banjo Packard steering wheel is also in nice condition with no cracks.

Engine Compartment:

Sitting under the hood is the original 245 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine. (All One-Tens came with this engine.) The block has the original "D31655" engine number stamped into the side which is correct for this vehicle. (Original engine with 50K miles.) The engine compartment still looks very stock with most of the correct original items. This power plant starts, runs, and idles well. It doesn't burn oil and sounds great. At one time the engine received a valve job according to past receipts. It looks like there is a small coolant leak from the gasket on the inlet housing on top of the engine. (Quick and easy fix.) The original manual transmission has Packard's "Electromatic" clutch setup. The Electromatic is currently disconnected. The "overdrive" feature is working correctly. It shifts easy with no known problems. The vehicle's differential works as it should but does have a small leak from one of the seals.

Trunk Compartment:

The trunk compartment is clean and very solid. Original trunk pans. It is sporting an original looking spare tire. The trunk compartment floor is finished with a gray carpet liner type of material. It is clean and free of any stains or marks.

Chassis - Frame & Undercarriage:

The underside is very solid with no rust repairs or problems. It shows some dirt from being driven and used, but very nice for 76 years old. The single exhaust is in good condition with no leaks or holes. (The owner does have another new muffler that will go along with the vehicle.) The brakes have been gone over and serviced. The system was flushed and new silicone fluid was added. There are no leaks or other problems with brake system. The brakes do not squeal, fade, pull or pulsate. The vehicle sits up nice with a good stance. It steers and drives very well with no known problems. The alignment is good and drives straight and doesn't pull.


All of the glass pieces look to still be original to the vehicle. There are no cracks or chips. Some of the pieces show some de lamination around the outer edges. The side windows roll up and down without any problems or issues.

Wheels & Tires:

The vehicle sits on four newer 7.00-15 wide white wall tires made by the Lester Tire Company. They are in very good condition. These tires are mounted on the factory rims that have the correct red paint giving this classic a great look. All four Packard hubcaps and trim rings are in very nice shape without any major dings, dents, scratches or other problems.

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The vehicle and owner are located in Strongsville, Ohio area. (44149 Zip Code)
Strongsville is located just south of the Cleveland, Ohio area.
You will be purchasing this vehicle directly from the private owner.
The vehicle has a free and clear Ohio title that is ready to sign over.
The odometer is working and showing 50,247. This is the actual mileage.
The current owner has been very busy and has not been able to clean or detail the vehicle. With a little time,
this vehicle would clear up very nice. It can be enjoyed as-is or could make a great starting point for a 100 point restoration.

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