1964 Pontiac Catalina Convertible
Original Owner with 38,010 Original Miles
Highest Point Scoring - Multiple National Show Winner

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You are viewing a privately owned 1964 Pontiac Catalina Convertible!
You will be purchasing this vehicle directly from the private owner.
This beautiful gem has only 38,010 original miles. When describing an old classic cars, we normally don't like using words like
"Perfect", "Pristine" or "Mint". With this vehicle, those are the words that came to mind when we inspected and photographed this Pontiac.
We can see how this vehicle achieved a 399 score (A 400 score is perfect) at a national show, not once, but at three different times.

Quick History Of The Vehicle - - Written By The Owner :

I am the original owner of this car. I factory ordered it on June 6, 1964. It was built on July 14, 1964 and delivered to me on July 21, 1964. I have all of the original documents, including the "Guardian Maintenance" Booklet with the "Protect-O-Plate" (in my name), the original Build Sheet, original Owners Manual, original Top Manual, etc.

In 1985, the car was stripped to bare metal and refinished in its original factory color (code "P" - Aquamarine). The vehicle is still mostly original.
Besides the paint, the only things that were replaced are the white convertible top, the carpet and the weatherstripping.

The interior, including the padded dash, instruments, Lucite steering wheel and all of the upholstery (seats, doors, interior 1/4 panels, kick panels, sun visors) along with all of the hardware is still original and in show condition. During the convertible top replacement, I carefully removed the interior top liner (Standard on the Catalina. A woven, dark grayish material no longer produced or available - then or now), had it dry cleaned, and sewed it to the new top.The top well is the same material and was given the same restoration treatment.

Mechanically, except for normal wear parts, again, all original. The cylinder heads have never been off the 389 cubic inch, 267 h.p. engine and the 'Slim Jim" Hydramatic transmission is smooth as silk. The H.D. Handling Package that I ordered on the car ($2.65 extra!) is still there - no leaks in any of the original spiral Delco shocks and a sucking sound can still be heard when pushing down on the car. There is absolutely no sagging of the H.D. springs. All original pieces, where necessary, have been totally restored to absolute mint concourse level, and in all respects, the car is "as new". The vehicle only has 38,010 miles. These are the actual miles from day one.

  • Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA)
  • National 1st Place Junior Award                Amherst, NY - June 1998
  • National Senior Award                     Whittington, IL - September 1998
  • Grand National 1st Place Award                Moline, IL - August 2001
  • 1st Preservation Award                Moline, IL - August 2001
  • Grand National Senior Award                Cedar Rapids, IA - August 2003
  • 2nd Preservation Award               Cedar Rapids, IA - August 2003

    Veteran Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA)
  • Hale Farm National Show           Bath, OH - Aug. 1987
  • 1st Place - Post-War Vintage (First time shown any where after restoration.)
  • Hale Farm National Show           Bath, OH - Aug. 1989
  • 1st Place - Class 22
  • The Jim Spencer Memorial Trophy           For the year 2013
  • Awarded annually for the best antique car, 1960 though 25 years old.

    Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI)
  • 1999 POCI National Convention/Show                Buffalo, NY - July 1999
  • Junior Gold Award
  • Car was Judged at 396 Points, on a possible 400 basis 3rd Highest Point Total in The National Show
  • 2000 POCI National Convention/Show                Grand Rapids, MI - July 2000
  • Senior Gold Award
  • Car was Judged at 399 Points, on a possible 400 basis Highest Point Total in The National Show
  • 2002 POCI National Convention/Show                Charleston, WV - July 2002
  • Championship Award (Class of Champions)
  • Car was Judged at 399 Points, on a possible 400 basis Highest Point Total in The National Show
  • 2005 POCI National Convention/Show                Greenville, SC - July 2005
  • Returning Champion - Senior Status Award (Class of Champions)
  • Car was Judged at 399 Points, on a possible 400 basis Highest Point Total in The National Show

    Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals
  • First Place In Class           Norwalk, Ohio - August 1998
  • Best In Show           Norwalk, Ohio - August 1998

  • Wilistead Classic & Antique Auto Show
  • By Invitation: Class Winner-Collector Era           Windsor, Ont., Canada - August 2000

    Glenmore Gathering of Significant Automobiles
  • By Invitation: (Exhibit Only)          North Canton, Ohio - September 2000

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    We will try to describe and go over most of the car, please read and view all of the 105 pictures listed below.

    1964 Pontiac Catalina Convertible

    Paint / Body:

    The paint is in excellent condition without any fading, scratches, checking, thin spots, orange peel, or bubbles. The factory color is called "Aquamarine". The factory paint code is "P". (See photo of cowl trim tag.) It was repainted with Sikkens basecoat/clearcoat paint. The paint looks like new with a deep shine. The body is extremely solid, straight and rust free. It retains all of its original body panels and floor pans. It needed NO rust repairs when it was stripped and refinished. The body panels fit and alignment is perfect, and are free of any door dings, dents or scratches. Both the doors close with ease and with a solid sound. The weather with stripping was replaced when it was repainted and is in great condition. The vehicle still has its factory correct original "T3" headlights installed. (All four of them are working fine.)

    Convertible Top:

    A new high quality white soft convertible top was installed when the vehicle was refinished. It is in perfect condition. No marks, wrinkles, or creases. The plastic rear window looks great also. No creases, fogging or discoloration. During the convertible top replacement, the owner carefully removed the interior top liner (Standard on the Catalina. A woven, dark grayish material no longer produced or available - then or now). He had it dry cleaned, and sewed it to the new top.The top well is the same material and was given the same restoration treatment. The power top pump motor, cylinders, and mechanism where gone over when the top was installed. This strictly being a show car, the owner rarely puts the top down to prevent wrinkles in the top and rear window. The aqua colored convertible boot is in the trunk stored in its black bag.

    Chrome / Trim:

    The original bumpers were rechromed to a very high show quality standard. The vehicle retains all of its original stainless steel and aluminum trim pieces that were properly refinished and buffed. They are all straight and without any dings or scratches. The front grille, headlight bezels, taillight bezels, emblems and all the pot metal trim pieces are original and all in excellent condition. Concourse quality.


    Except for the carpet, the entire interior is all original. The factory "Aqua" (Trim Code 237) interior is in excellent condition. We didn't see any wear, fading, or other problems with the interior. This original interior looks like new. The door panels are also in great shape with no wear on the arm rests or handles. The factory aqua padded dash doesn't have any cracks or other problems. The factory transparent Lucite steering wheel looks beautiful. The interior chrome, knobs, handles, and other trim pieces are all beautiful. All of the electrical items were checked to make sure they were all working correctly. Lights, horns, gauges, radio, heater controls, wipers, turn signals, back up lights, etc.. (The owner also has a new working AM/FM Pocitac radio that is correct for the car and will go along with the vehicle.) The glove box area and ash trays even look new. The original owner's manual along with a few other original manuals are is still in the glove box. (The manual has the name of the original owner on the "Protect-O-Plate". The same person you will be purchasing the vehicle from.)

    Engine Compartment:

    The engine compartment still retains the original look right down to the correct hose clamps. The compartment houses the original 389 CID V8 engine. This 267 horsepower drivetrain has only 38,010 original miles. It starts, idles and runs great. It doesn't tick or smoke. You will be amazed on how nice this engine performs. It pulls very strong and sounds awesome.
    The entire engine is highly detailed to the original appearance. This can be seen with all the correct finishes and components under the hood. Such as the correct air cleaner/cover, date coded alternator, radiator, and all the correct clips and fasteners. It even has the correct looking vintage Delco DC12 Tar Top battery. (Maintenance Free.) The "Slim Jim" automatic transmission shifts out nice and firm and does not slip.

    Trunk Compartment:

    Turn back the clock to 1964. Open the trunk lid and you will see what it looked like in '64. The new spare tire and 8 lug wheel matches the other four tires that are on the car. The correct jack, jack stand, handle and jacking tools are all stored in their locations. Again, the trunk floor is solid and rust free. Also in the trunk is the original Aqua colored convertible boot cover which is in great condition and stored in the bag.


    The vehicle is equipped with a factory ordered tinted windshield. All of the date coded glass pieces are original to the vehicle including the front windshield. The windshield is in great shape without and stone chips, cracks or wiper marks. The side windows roll up and down with ease and no problems. The vent windows operate as they should. The chrome and stainless steel trim pieces around the windows are excellent.

    Wheels and Tires:

    The original 1964 "8 Lug" wheels are in great shape. No scratches or dents. Mounted on these wheels are newer B.F.Goodrich Silvertown 8.50 x 14 whitewall tires. The whitewall size is correct for this year. The owner installed these five(5) new tires when he had the car refinished. Since completion of the restoration, the car has been driven only in and out of its enclosed trailer and on and off the show field. Never on the street.


    The undercarriage was cleaned and detailed to its original appearance. It is very solid and rust free. A new exhaust systems was installed during the restoration. One clue that this vehicle has only 38K original miles are the shocks. The original spiral shocks are still installed and are working great. The original fuel tank was cleaned and reinstalled. While looking at the undercarriage photos, make sure to check out how nice the original rocker panels seams are.

    Call for more details: (440) 237-3974

    Vehicle Photos: (Scroll down to see all 105 photos!)

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    Quick Summary:

    This type of vehicle doesn't come up for sale that often. When is the last time you have seen a 399 point multiple time national show winning vehicle for sale?
    Or, a vehicle this old with only 38K original miles for sale by the original owner? Now put them both together.
    You would be hard pressed to find another vehicle with the same history and show pedigree of this car.
    This type of concourse vehicle belongs in a museum or a high end automobile collection.

    We started the listing using the words "Perfect", "Pristine" and "Mint". No vehicle is perfect, but this one comes really close.
    If you don't want to take our word, what about relying on the people that judged this vehicle at the Pontiac national shows.
    Three times is was awarded the highest point total for the whole show. (Not just its class, the whole national show!)

    Don't miss your opportunity to add this caliber of vehicle to your auto collection. It is truly an investment quality type of car.

    The vehicle is located in Berea, Ohio. (44017 Zip Code)
    Berea is located near the Cleveland, Ohio area. (Just minutes way from Hopkins Airport, "CLE".)
    You will be purchasing this vehicle directly from the Original owner who has owned this classic from day one.
    The odometer is working and showing 38,010 miles. These are the original miles on vehicle.
    The vehicle has a free and clear original title that is ready to signed over.

    Call for more details: (440) 237-3974